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Forbes loves ClubGlider Journey for holidays!

Posted on 11/28/2012

Smooth Golf Travel: Anyone who flies to play golf, even just once or twice a year, will benefit from a high quality travel bag – especially since the airlines usually absolve themselves of blame for damage specifically to golf clubs. I’ve written here before why I have used the ClubGlider from Sun Mountainfor years after extensively testing other major competitors like ClubGlove. The ClubGlider is very easy to take clubs in and out of, something other manufacturers make surprisingly difficult given that’s what the bag is for, but it also has the unique innovation of retractable legs with wheels, which makes it roll much better than other versions – and is especially great in airport check-in line when everyone

The new Journey is a smaller, lighter version of my favorite travel bag, the ClubGlider from Sun Mountain.

else is kicking their bag a few feet each time the line moves, since this rolls like a shopping cart. The one drawback is that it is relatively heavy, which is why I am so excited about the new-for-2012 Journey model – smaller and lighter thanks to a more tapered design. The Journey ($209) still offers ample space for golf clubs and shoes. There are two larger models (up to $299).

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